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September 01, 2021 0 Comments

Happy first day of Spring 🌸 this calls for a smoothie bowl 🤤 Are you excited for this weather? I mostly am except for the hayfever that comes with it. I’ve been getting an itchy nose and throat leading up to Spring and now I think I need to get on the antihistamines…

🍌 It took me so long to start using frozen bananas and I just love how they change the texture of the smoothie. I got mine in a bag from NQR but you can always just pre-slice fresh bananas and freeze them for later.


▪️Frozen bananas
▪️Frozen mixed berries
▪️Gingerbread protein powder* @pranaon
(Discount code: COOKWITHPEZ)
▪️Almond milk* @almondbreezeaus
▪️Chia seeds

Coconut bowl* from @naturalbamboogift

* labelled are kindly gifted products that I regularly enjoy with no obligation to post.