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February 08, 2021 0 Comments

Did you know that Australians use 10 million straws everyday or 3.5 billion straws a year? 

While others argue that straws are a thing most of us can live without, there is a time and a place for a straw and definitely people who need one.

​So if you're one to drink with a straw, it's time to switch to a reusable one like this bamboo straw.

✅1. South Australia will be banning single-use plastic including straws. 

It’s finally happening on 1st March 2021 💙

South Australia’s ban on single-use plastics is rolling out on Monday, 1️⃣ March. And, cafe owners have already been implementing the changes ahead of the roll-out. Isn’t that so sweet and so cool? 🎈

Just proves that something good really comes out of our collective clamor for better and cleaner choices for the planet. 👋

So let’s keep on doing it until all of Australia does the same 😍


✅2. Did you know? Australia is banning polystyrene foam packaging starting July next year!

Isn't it amazing to be seeing landmark changes like this in our lifetime?

​Just shows that our call for a single-use plastic-free world is not impossible. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to happen overnight. But the change that we seek is possible.

While implementing rules and regulations of this ban is still being ironed out, we are hopeful that this law is going to have teeth and power.

Give me a 🙌 if you're excited about this!


✅3. Queensland State Government set to ban single-use plastic from September 2021 - ABC Wide Bay, Johanna Marie

We know you also happy danced to this news. We know you did!

Who wouldn’t?

Finally, single-use plastic items will be banned in restaurants, cafes, takeaway food shoppes, and supermarkets in Queensland starting 01 September 2021.

Plastic items part of the ban will be straws, cutlery, bowls and plates, stirrers, and polystyrene takeaway containers.

This makes us so happy. We’re on a roll, Australia!


✅4. Free registration for electric cars and interest-free loans of up to $15,000 will be funded in next month's ACT Budget, with the goal of pushing Canberra towards a carbon-neutral future. - ABC News

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✅5. Glass recycling in Victoria is set to double as the state and Federal Government pump money into the troubled recycling sector after years of neglect. Plastic recycling is also expected to rise by 40 per cent thanks to $8.1 million of new funding split between seven recycling projects. - Dana Morse, ABC News



✅6. Chemical engineers at UNSW Sydney have found a way to make ‘green’ ammonia from air, water and renewable electricity that does not require the high temperatures, high pressure and huge infrastructure currently needed to produce this essential compound. – EcoVoice




Tune in for more good news about the environment in Australia and around the world next week!

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