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Canvas Shopper Tote Bag

This reusable canvas bag will come in handy when you're grocery shopping and are ideal for environmentally conscious shoppers.

This item features with large storage capacity and simple, but practical and convenient for using no matter at travel, camping or school. It can also be used be a great gift for your friends and family.


- Material: Canvas.

- Zip closure 

- Additional slip pocket with zip closure

- High quality material with sturdy structure for durable and long-lasting use.

- Large capacity with heavy duty load. Lightweight for portable carry.

💯 Effective for avoiding single-use plastic!

We love grocery shopping because it's one of those simple activities that make us feel so capable of buying our own food, paying for it, planning and creating awesome and healthy meals from it.

We try our best to do shopping in the farmer's market but on days when it's super crazy and busy, we go to the supermarkets in the area.

We just make sure to bring our handy dandy cotton bag and shop at the naked aisle.


Large canvas bag: 48 cm (L) x 33cm (W), if includes its straps is 59 cm (L).