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Bamboo-Loofah Gift Set

Our products are eco-friendly, and we focus on cheering people to try natural handmade products.


💚1 bamboo tumbler with 1x Eco-friendly drawstring bag x 03 Bamboo Straw with 1x coconut cleaning fiber straws: Bamboo Tumbler keeps your drink hot and cold in hours as you can carry this to get your bubble tea or smoothie. So you can avoid and say no to the cup of plastic and the plastic straw.

💚1 Natural Loofah stick with Wooden handle: The natural Loofah stick cleans the Bamboo Tumbler. You can also use it as a Loofah Cleanser to clean your mugs, cups, and others, so let's try our Loofah Brush.

💚1 bamboo cutlery set: with 1x Bamboo Spoon, 1x Bamboo Fork, 1x Bamboo Straw, 1x Coconut Straw, Cleaning Brush, and Slim Trave Bag: Slim Travel Pouch makes it easy to put in order and carry to any place like work, school, or travel.         

💚1 Natural bamboo cup (SMALL)Made with 100% natural bamboo by artisans in VietnamSafeer, cleaner, and less harmful alternative to plastic cups. Diameter: 6cm  6.5cm. Depth: 9cm – 10cm. Capacityapprox. 295ml

💚One of our shopping bags that are very useful while carrying for shopping or your Gym Stuff, or other personal use. Dimension: 37cm (L) x 32cm (W)

💚A bamboo ballpoint pen to write a gift card that will surprise your love.

Every year Australians use 130kg of plastic per person, and only 9% is recycled. Even scarier, up to 130,000 tons of plastic will find its way into our waterways and into the ocean. But together, we can do little things to make a big difference💚.