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Cotton Muslin Bag



Cotton Muslin Bags – Natural Color

  • The Cotton Muslin Bag makes for the perfect large sized pantry storage bag. The large 29.5W-39L cm bag can hold a multitude of products, meaning you are not having to take several trips to the grocery store to be able to carry all your items home. The bag is incredibly lightweight and durable, meaning it can handle heavy grocery items, even over stocking your bag.

  • The bag includes several pockets for you to store items you need to carry with you. These can include such things as children’s toys, food, books, shoes, electronic devices, cables, and headphones. If you are a person who needs to go to the laundromat to do your laundry, it is perfect to carry such things as detergent and fabric softener. The bag is made to be convenient and improve the quality of your life.

  • The Medium sized bag, 19.5W-29Lcm, fits many of the items you would use in your everyday life. It can be used over and over again as a carrier for your produce, lunch, office supplies, documents and papers, even books. It is the perfect thing to use as a bag to carry your necessities if you are going out on a road trip, or to better organize your camping equipment.

  • The small sized bag, 14.5W-19.5L cm, is great for packing small items that you need to protect. This can include such things as jewelry, craft items, wedding favors, or other small items that you want to ensure are kept safe, but do not need a large storage container to hold. For people who like to carry spices, herbs, tea, coffee, or other culinary items, it is ideal as it will not only store these items safely, but preserved their integrity.

  • Multi-purpose use – These bags were made for you to use any variety of ways. Because of their design and their ability to keep items cool and fresh, they are ideal for carrying programs. However, you can use them to carry books, paper, or just about any item that fits inside the back. They are made to protect the item and are durable enough to handle being treated a little rough.

  • One-size fits all – It does not matter how much of something you have or how big the item is. These bags provide a lot of room, and they can be overstuffed without ripping or tearing. By receiving three bags in one, you are able to use the bag that best serves your purposes for the day, weekend, or event. This is a bag you will soon find you cannot live without. No longer will you be taking several bags to the store to carry your groceries home or using an awkward and unappealing backpack to carry your office materials. These bags can handle it all.

  • Protecting the environment – This bag removes the necessity for plastic bags. Now you can switch to this eco-friendly cotton cloth bag. Only 100% biodegradable cotton is used. It is another way you can help change the world.

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